Birla Alokya - Finest 3BHK, 4BHK Flats in Whitefield Bangalore


Homes that are designed for the future and revive the charm of the garden city
Now in Whitefield, Bengaluru.

3BHK and 4BHK Apartments
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LifeDesigned Villaments : The best of apartments and Villas

Nestled in Whitefield, Bengaluru’s most sought after IT destination, our residential spaces at Birla Alokya are inspired by the best of old and new Bengaluru and combine the best aspects giving villa like luxury with the vibrancy of apartment neighbourhoods.

  • 218 LifeDesigned Homes
  • 30+ LifeDesigned Amenities
  • 7.9 Acres of Land Stretch
  • Smart and Secure Homes LifeDesigned™ homes at Birla Alokya bring together best of tomorrow’s technology to enhance security and convenience enabling you to do more with your voice at home and still be in control of visitors when not at home.
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Amenities Designed Around Life For Life

Amenities at Birla Alokya are meticulously perfected to nurture and enrich your life. LifeDesigned™ resonates in every single facet of your journey at Birla Alokya.

  • Play Designed Representative image


    Indulge in a leisure walk in old Bengaluru inspired pedestrian friendly crosses and streets or hop over to the club house for a game of Football, Tennis, Badminton or Squash. Unwind or set a new personal lap record at our Swimming pool or just challenge friends to a game of Billiards.

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    Discover an unparalleled lifestyle that brings the charm of a Garden Café and the greens of the Garden city together with LifeDesigned™ Co-Working spaces and a state-of-the-art Business Centre. With a Salon, Pet Park and Convenience Store, amenities at Birla Alokya are curated to ensure that being home is looked forward to.

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    Watch a screening at the Mini-Theatre, flip through a new best seller on a Hammock, while your little ones enjoy outdoor games amidst the greens or play the latest immersive games at the Virtual Gaming room. At Birla Alokya, our amenities are designed for leisure that does not get routine.

LifeDesigned Homes Curated for an Unparalleled Lifestyle

Designed around life, LifeDesigned™ homes at Birla Alokya are modern yet designed to bring alive the nostalgic charm of Bengaluru

  • 2 Floors Homes Spread across 2 floors with option of a private terrace or garden
  • 3BHK & 4BHK Smart & Secure Homes
  • Old & New Best of Old & New Bengaluru
Villaments in Bangalore
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Our Villaments

Spacious Homes with the Living and Dining overlooking your very own Private Garden. Enjoy spending quality time amidst nature with your family and friends.
Sq.M Sq.F
1 Sq.M = 10.764 Sq.F
  • RERA Carpet Area
    151.98 - 155.34 Sq.M
    1635.91 - 1672.07 Sq.F
  • Balcony Area
    3.10 - 3.10 Sq.M
    33.36 - 33.36 Sq.F
  • Verandah + Entry
    4.69 - 7.20 Sq.M
    50.48 - 77.50 Sq.F
  • Garden deck
    7.84 - 7.93 Sq.M
    84.38 - 85.35 Sq.F
  • Private Garden
    21.15 - 39.95 Sq.M
    227.65 - 430.02 Sq.F
Homes designed with defined Living and Personal spaces. Enjoy the additional privacy and unwind after a long day’s work.
Sq.M Sq.F
1 Sq.M = 10.764 Sq.F
  • RERA Carpet Area
    128.31 - 141.98 Sq.M
    1381.12 - 1528.27 Sq.F
  • Balcony Area
    5.17 - 6.41 Sq.M
    55.64 - 68.99 Sq.F
Homes with a Private Terrace to call your own. Showcase your very own terrace garden or enjoy stargazing with your kids at night.
Sq.M Sq.F
1 Sq.M = 10.764 Sq.F
  • RERA Carpet Area
    140.19 - 164.59 Sq.M
    1509.00 - 1771.64 Sq.F
  • Balcony Area
    5.17 - 19.13 Sq.M
    55.64 - 205.91 Sq.F
  • Private Terrace
    96.61 - 96.61 Sq.M
    1039.91 - 1039.91 Sq.F
Grandiose homes set across Two Floors with an exclusive Private Garden. Revel in the extravagance of the double-heighted Dining area.
Sq.M Sq.F
1 Sq.M = 10.764 Sq.F
  • RERA Carpet Area
    184.92 - 184.92 Sq.M
    1990.47 - 1990.47 Sq.F
  • Balcony Area
    3.97 - 3.97 Sq.M
    42.73 - 42.73 Sq.F
  • Entry
    2.42 - 2.42 Sq.M
    26.04 - 26.04 Sq.F
  • Garden deck
    12.31 - 12.31 Sq.M
    132.50 - 132.50 Sq.F
  • Private Garden
    35.33 - 35.33 Sq.M
    380.29 – 380.29 Sq.F
Luxurious homes with an exclusive Private Terrace. Enjoy a roof-top barbeque with family and friends while looking at the vast central greens.
Sq.M Sq.F
1 Sq.M = 10.764 Sq.F
  • RERA Carpet Area
    213.29 - 233.76 Sq.M
    2295.85 - 2516.19 Sq.F
  • Balcony Area
    17.45 - 17.45 Sq.M
    187.83 - 187.83 Sq.F
  • Private Terrace
    87.58 - 87.58 Sq.M
    942.71 - 942.71 Sq.F

Located Perfectly. For your convenience

Nestled in the bustling IT hub of Whitefield with tranquil gardens, Birla Alokya is uniquely located to ensure that travel to work or for leisure is a breeze

  • 6.3 KM ITPL
  • 4.3KM Hope Farm Junction
  • 7.7 KM Inorbit Mall
  • 3.7 KM Whitefield Global School
  • 1 KM Bangalore International Academy
Distances as per Google Maps Birla Alokya Whitefiled Map Map for representational use only


  • What is Birla Alokya? expand

    Birla Alokya is the First Residential project of Birla Estates in Bengaluru.

  • What are the configurations of the units at Birla Alokya Whitefield? expand

    Birla Alokya Whitefield offers 3 and 4 BHK Villaments, with select units including a private garden or a private terrace.

  • What is the Possession date for Birla Alokya Villaments? expand

    The Possession date for Villaments at Birla Alokya Whitefield is August 2023.

  • Where is the location of Birla Alokya? expand

    Birla Alokya is located near Hope Farm Junction in Whitefield Bengaluru.

  • What is the theme of Birla Alokya? expand

    Birla Alokya is a Low-rise Duplex Styled Villament based theme designed to give you best of Bangalore styled living of low density housing with 30+ modern amenities.

  • What is the size of Birla Alokya Whitefield? expand

    Birla Alokya Whitefield is spread across a land stretch of 7.9 acres.

  • What are total no. of floors in each tower of Birla Alokya Whitefield? expand

    Each block at Birla Alokya Whitefield is a Basement + Ground floor+3 Upper Floors + Terrace structure.

  • How many villaments are in each tower/block/stack of Birla Alokya? expand

    Each tower in Birla Alokya has 4 or 6 Units / Block.

  • What is the clubhouse area of Birla Alokya Whitefield? expand

    Birla Alokya Whitefield has a clubhouse with a size of 1476 sqm(15,887 sft).

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